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SJU Junior Shares Her Transition Back to Campus

Saint Joseph’s Marketing Major – class of 2023 A Saint Joseph’s University Juniors hares about her struggles during quarantine and making friends during a pandemic. She also mentions the difficulties of being at home and adjusting back to on campus living.




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This video was co-created with the person depicted who reviewed and signed a consent form granting permission to share this story online. 


If you are experiencing any personal or social effects due to COVID and/or a return to campus life, the university has resources that can help, including:



A complete transcript of the video reads as follows:

My name is Elizabeth Droesch, I’m a Junior at Saint Joseph’s and I’m from Long Island, New York.

I am a marketing major.

Definitely the hardest thing was working in my house and trying to find a place to study and focus while my brother was home, my mom and my sister all doing work and school at the same time.

It was really hard. I felt like myself was very restrictive because I couldn’t like I feel like I missed out on meeting a lot of people.

But like even being back this semester, I feel like, I made, like so many new friends.

I think that it was a blessing in disguise because I grew very close with my like three of my friends, like we literally spent all the time together.

We were always just like, do homework and they they felt comfortable saying, and so like, we made our own fun.

You know, I think it’s a lot easier being back on campus because I could go to the library, I could go get Starbucks, do work there.

Um, there’s a lot more options place to find like some peace and quiet and focus, and there’s never any problem with like internet connection or you can go meet your teachers in person over Zoom and form connections.

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