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SJU Jnr Discusses Transition Back To Campus

A Saint Joseph’s University Junior discusses their transition from being home last year, to being back on campus this year. He explains feeling safe at home, as there was less exposure to COVID-19. He also talks about the adjustments he needed to make coming back to campus and the need to be more prepared being on campus than he needed to be at home. 

More videos like this one can be found at http://transition.starttalkingsju.com. You can also see our prior campaigns: Living in Fear, Striving for Hope, Attacked, Belonging, and Mental Health.

This video was co-created with the person depicted who reviewed and signed a consent form granting permission to share this story online. 

If you are experiencing any personal or social effects due to COVID and/or a return to campus life, the university has resources that can help, including:


A complete transcript of the video reads as follows:  I think the biggest, the biggest, I guess the biggest positive was just overall health. There was less risk at home with just my parents and my brother. And it was just a time where I had a lot of freedom and you know, just spending quality family time with my parents and my brother. After a year of, you know, being away at school, not getting to go home as much. I really enjoyed the time, the family time. You know, it was a little nerve wracking, you know, just that part, moving into, you know, a house in manayunk. Having more freedom, and just the fact that, you know I’m back in the classroom. Just really what, the experience I had my whole life, of being in a classroom and then going onto zoom and now back in the classroom. It was definitely a big adjustment. I definitely have to be more prepared, just with my day to day, just waking up in the morning, daily routine stuff that I kind of lost because I was home and I wouldn’t really have to get ready for the day just because you’re pretty much staying at home all day. So I was a little caught of guard with that and just you know getting back in the routine of you know, driving to school and getting ready for the day and being prepared. 

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