Approximately 19.7 million college students across the country have felt the waves of uncertainty for themselves, friends, classmates, and families. Most universities have chosen to have fully in-person classes, which changes everything students have known from the 2020-2021 school year. Many students are not only worried about getting sick - they are worried about whether their school will change to online or hybrid learning again and how it could disrupt everything they knew before. Students are concerned for their education and their future, while taking care of their health, both physically and mentally. The year of 2020 was not an easy one; however, the transition to a new normal has been nothing short of difficult for students.

Each individual’s experience is overwhelming and stressful. Although Saint Joseph’s University is only one out of the approximate 5,300 universities across our country, our transition back to campus and the effects of it matters. Our campaign is focused on the stress of transitioning back to campus and what it has done to our students, not only physically but mentally, financially and emotionally. Our campaign seeks not only to tell the stories of students who have been affected but to spread awareness to the Saint Joseph’s Community that our struggles are real. It is our responsibility as members of the SJU community to share and address these struggles and work toward a resolution by starting the conversation. Join us.


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    SJU Junior Shares Her Transition Back to Campus

    Saint Joseph’s Marketing Major – class of 2023 A Saint Joseph’s University Juniors hares about her struggles during quarantine and making friends during a pandemic. She also mentions the difficulties of being at home and adjusting back to on campus…

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    SJU Senior Discusses her Transition Back to SJU

    Saint Joseph’s Food Marketing Major and Leo Minor - class of  2022 shares her experience with transitioning back to school after learning remotely for a year and a half.